Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology

The Centre for Research in environmental Epidemiology (CREAL) was an initiative of the Generalitat de Catalunya with collaboration of the Barcelona MAR Health Park ant the UPF. The CREAL is a UPF Attached Research University Institute led by Dr. Josep Maria Antó, Dr. Jordi Sunyer i Dr. Manolis Kogevinas. CREAL’s mission is to conduct high quality epidemiological research on environment and health and to provide scientific knowledge relevant for public health action. Industrial activity has led to global warming that endangers stability of life in our planet. Together with climate change, many other types of physical and chemical pollution affect our health. Epidemiological research has gained importance in recent years as an effective way to characterise these risks and to promote interventions that protect our health. CREAL views Environmental Epidemiology as a scientific area in Public Health and thus it is committed to contribute to risk assessment, health protection and public health practice. Part of this commitment is reflected in CREAL's educational and advisory role. CREAL’s research is focused on 6 research programmes:

  • Respiratory
  • Cancer
  • Childhood
  • Air Pollution
  • Water Pollution
  • Radiation