Cell Signalling

The Research Group on Cell Signalling is led by Dr. Francesc Posas and Dra. Eulalia de Nadal. The group focuses on understanding how cells detect and respond to environmental changes. We have focused our studies in the characterization of the osmo-stress signal transduction pathways, especially those controlled by MAP kinases of the Hog1/p38 family, also known as the stress activated MAP kinases (SAPK).  In addition, we have demonstrated that cellular communication is possible and thus, that complex engineered networks can be implemented to perform in vivo cellular computation.

The main research lines are:

  • Function and regulation of SAPK signalling pathways in eukaryotic cells.
  • Identification and characterization of proteins under the control of the yeast Hog1 MAPK.
  • Chromatin dynamics of transcriptional stress response in yeast.
  • Cell cycle control by Hog1 MAPK in yeast.
  • Molecular basis to stress-adaptation by p38 MAPK in mammalian cells.
  • Distributed Biological Computation.