Veterinary Vaccine for Food and Mouth Disease (Ref.TEC0060)

A vaccine consisting in a dendrimeric peptide for the prevention of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in animals. The new design is a branched construction on which both B (bivalent) and T peptide epitopes of FMDV are displayed. Seeking to out-license the technology to a strategic partner with the capabilities to complete animal trials and proceed to register the vaccine as a result of a licensing agreement. Key aspects of the technology:

  • Ready access by efficient peptide synthesis methods
  • Easily adaptable to display epitopes from other serotypes/isolates
  • Simple handling and storage, no need for cold chain preservation.
  • Full DIVA compliance: infected/vaccinated animals easily differentiated
  • Immune response (seroconversion, antibody titers, T-cell stimulation) superior to previous tetrameric version.
Veterinary Vaccine for Food and Mouth Disease
TEC0060 / P0020