Sub-graph matcher (Ref.TEC0085)

In Online Social Networks (OSNs) and User Applications, it is often of interest to find users with a similar characteristics to a given profile. However, the computational cost and complexity of this type of search, called a ‘graph search’ is often prohibitive.

SGM uses pre-calculated statistics describing a given sub-graph and all other sub-graphs in a complete graph in order to find the closest matches. SGM can be calibrated on specific datasets in order to capture their idiosyncrasies. It can be incorporated in an existing application as a library of functions (API).

·       Can be customized for search requirements and data characteristics

·       The matching offers a higher level of sophistication over simpler tabular searching methods

·       Can be embedded in almost any native application, SQL, etc.

·       Lower computational cost

Sub-graph matching can be used for any online application in which social graphs and graphs of user activity can be exploited. Internet application providers will be especially interested in this technology.


Sub-graph matcher