Device for prevention of needle tract seeding (Ref.TEC0040)

Biopsy procedure implies some risks for patient’s health as it can result in inadvertent adverse effects and complications. One of these potential complications is needle-tract seeding which refers to the implantation of tumor cells by contamination when instruments, such as biopsy needles, are employed to examine, excise or ablate a tumor.

Here, as alternative solutions, it is proposed to make use of Electrochemical Treatment (EChT). The device consisting in a current generator that is connected to the needle and a superficial electrode. The electric current creates a toxic environment around the needle effectively preventing the dissemination of tumor cells dragged along the tract at the extraction of the needle.

·       Technology adaptable to standard existing biopsy equipment.

·       Device includes only standard electrical equipment.

·       Level of discomfort for the patient is minimal or non-existent.

The largest indications for biopsies are suspected breast and prostate cancer, where needle-tract seeding effects have been identified and quantified. In monetary terms, only in Europe the market for biopsy devices reached $270m in 2007 and is estimated to hit $370m by 2014 according to Frost&Sullivan.

Device for prevention of needle tract seeding