Device for preventing bacterial infections in prostate biopsies (Ref.TEC0067)

When prostate biopsies are taken through the rectum – which is by far the most common procedure – infection may occur as bacteria normally safely confined within the rectum are pushed into the prostate. Currently this risk is managed by hygienic measures such as enemas and by the administration of antibiotics.

To prevent such infections, it is proposed an electrochemical system which disinfects the biopsy needle once penetration has occurred and which creates a toxic environment for posterior bacterial colonization so that these cannot cause further infections by migration. The technology is based on applying an electrical current to the needle which, besides causing sterilizing pH changes, produces a massive release of antibacterial metal ions and, in particular, silver ions.

·       Technology adaptable to standard existing biopsy equipment.

·       Compatible with standard practice.

·       Level of discomfort for the patient is minimal or non-existent.

The potential market for this invention would be the prostate biopsy devices. It is estimated that about two million prostate biopsies are performed in Europe and the United States every year. The Cancer Research UK estimates for the age-standardized incidence rate of men with prostate cancer increases from around 97 per 100,000 in 2007 to almost 105 per 100,000 in 2030, an increase of 8%.

Device for preventing bacterial infections in prostate biopsies